From helping instrumentalists and singers to learn repertoire and playing for exams, to advanced coaching and performing in choral, vocal and instrumental concerts to a high standard, accompanying has always been an important part of my piano playing life. I love collaborating with other musicians and enjoy the challenge of listening closely and responding to their musicianship. in fact I often find this liberating for performance - sometimes it's easier to engage with the way your own instrument works when you're listening to how it interacts with another instrument or a voice. I'm also particularly enjoying developing my skills as a vocal coach, focusing on how the meaning of songs and arias can be brought out by singer and accompanist through a close consideration of the text and its relation to the music. I play and perform as part of a flute, cello and piano trio, and I also enjoy the very different social and musical dynamic of playing regularly for two choirs, Brighton Festival Youth Choir and Ovingdean SIngers. I'm available for rehearsal and performance work at all levels.

For singers interested in a different and amazingly effective approach to vocal performance, I  work regularly with acting and singing coach Delia Lindon at her studio in Shoreham.  Delia's unique coaching takes expression in performance to another level and I'd recommend it to any singers wanting to work on this. Contact me for more details.



"Joe Ward is a dedicated musician and accompanist who has consistently supported through his piano accompaniments, both singers and instrumentalists. Joe is someone who enthusiastically works alongside performers who are both experienced and inexperienced with the same amount of genuine interest and sensitivity. A pianist in his own right he enjoys performing solo piano pieces and can be heard in classical venues across East Sussex. Joe enjoys the rehearsal process of music making probably just as much as performance and can assist new performers in building repertoire of interest to them and to him."

                                                                                                              - Jacquie Currie A.R.C.M. B.A.Hons Singing Teacher & Voice Coach

"Joe is a very accomplished pianist who I have worked with as a singer on many occasions over the past seven years. He has accompanied me at innumerable impromptu solo singing get-togethers, helped me prepare pieces for music summer schools and workshops, and worked over extended periods of rehearsal prior to local recitals - and then accompanied me for the recital itself. His approach is always collaborative, supportive and calm - helping the singer overcome difficulties in the piece and never pushing his own views over one's own on aspects of interpretation - great skills in an accompanist. I strongly recommend him."

                                                                                                                                                  - Marion Adler (soprano)